Problem with spatialization in audio mixing

Audio mixing: The right-left spatialization of each track appears on the level meters but no effect when listening (mixing in the center) :open_mouth: .
Stereo tracks, stereo bus in, stereo bus out .
Yamaha MG10XU mixer. Identical result through the computer sound card.
Thank you in advance for your help! (French message translated by Google … :mrgreen: )

Hi and welcome,

I’m sorry, I didn’t get it… Maybe a screenshot would help?

Hello and thank you for your answer.
I send you picture with screenshots for a better explanation

cordially thank you


To me it looks like your Headphones are in mono. maybe inappropriate adapter?

The Headphones are in stéréo
I received a response from the technical service.
they explain to me a procedure with the device drivers.

If that fixes the problem, I’ll keep you posted.
See you soon and thank you again :wink:

You were right!! The headphones are mono !! I bought it recently from a supermarket and haven’t used it for music yet.
I did not know that we still sell mono headphones (or it was defective …)
In any case, a big thank you for everything (and I will invest in a good helmet in a specialist store.)