Problem With Stationary Cursor?

  1. It only seems to work at a fairly high zoom level.

  2. When active, the tools cursor acts ‘funny’ during playback. Eg. when I open the MIDI editor, it’s hard to select notes.

Just me?


Hard to imagine from the description. Could you make a video, please?

  1. Turn on Stationary Cursor

  2. Open MIDI Key Editor

  3. Hit Play.

  4. Just -try- to grab a note and lengthen it.

  5. Now turn off Play.

  6. Now try again to grab the note. Works as normal, right?

It seems like Stationary Cursor makes the mouse cursor ‘flicker’ as its updating the screen.

I don’t see any problems here, the cursor stays stable all the time, how ever, trying to edit a note with all the notes scrolling by is near impossible anyway. which is probably why the “Suspend auto-scroll when editing” function is there.

I tend to always use Page Scroll anyway,

Maybe it’s more of a graphics card issue ?