Problem with Steinberg download assistant Cubase Pro 13

I have Cubase Pro 13, I just had the same problem with the Windows 10 update although before everything worked perfectly, I know that Steinberg works closely with Microsoft but no feedback? I tried everything and still the same Media Bay error problem? What should I do? Has anyone been able to solve this problem?

Hello and welcome to the forum

Seems there is a problem with the updating of the Steinberg Download Assistant when it tries to install the latest Steinberg Mediabay.

I suggest to install the Mediabay first

Make sure no Steinberg software is running during the installation.

Thank you for your quickly response and the link.TOP!
I have just tried installing Mediabay, I no longer have the error message but obviously there is a problem with Groove agent SE?, yet it is there and works standalone. It’s a good start.
Why did the Windows update cause this malfunction? That’s the problem for me since everything was working before.
Thank you Fantom :+1:

You can install Groove Agent from here:

A propos …
This page gives a lot of info:

I think the problem comes from the software. As I wanted to reinstall everything there are several Vst it does not update. Cubase works without problems.
I think I’ll ask Steinberg what’s going on.
Thank you very much Fantom for your help, it’s GREAT !