Problem with Steinberg Download Assistent

The Download Assisten no longer work… I downloaded version 1.35.0 and get the following error: Error copying file from packed archive [path] to c:/Program Files (x86)/Steinberg/Download/Assistant/3rd Party/optional/aria2/aria2c.exe.
What can I do to resolve this?

I’ve asked the guys who make that tool for advice. Will come back asap

Do you have the latest version? A month or so ago, Steinberg emailed a notice that the old version would expire shortly after and suggested all update their SDA then.

One of the programmers wrote me:
I looked at the error report and unfortunately it’s not clear why exactly it happens.

According to the error message, the issue probably happens during installation of SDA. If SDA installer had such bug, we probably would have had lots of similar bug reports. Thus I assume the issue is probably with user’s system.
Here are some of the things that user can try:

  • Check if there is enough space on disk C:
  • Check if any antivirus blocks the installation
  • Manually delete directory C:/Program Files (x86)/Steinberg/Download\ Assistant before attempting to install SDA again.

In the Download Assistant 1.35.0 I ran the VST Sounds updates. Halfway through the Assistant stopped working. Restart failed. Then I downloaded it again but from the English site. That gives the error I mentioned. Then I downloaded it from the German site and everything works again. But I don’t dare to download the Updates again…

The downloads are exactly same, whether it be from the German or the English site. But apparently there was something out of sync with you, but now it is fine again and you can continue with the updates. And should something go wrong again, we are here to assist you and help you getting on track again. Trust me.

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Unfortunately I’m still having problems with the Download Assistant. I’m trying to download ‘Content The Grand 3’, 30.91 GB. Could it be that programs are too big for the Assistant? At about 22 GB the Assistant crashes, now for the second time. After restarting, the download starts again at 0… Is there another way to download these large files?

You can also download it via our website on this page.

Crashed for the third time. Now at 17.46GB. Let’s take a closer look: Download Assistant is not responding, but the aria2c (32 bit) process is still running. (8.1% processor, 7.6MB memory). However, nothing is downloaded anymore. The Install Helper is set to 0% processor, 4.6MB memory.
When I close the assistant, the following message appears:
“The Steinberg Download Assistant cannot download Content The Grand 3. Please contact your local support team”.
Then follows the message:
“Download in progress. Ending the program pauses all downloads, but downloads can be resumed later. Click Cancel to continue download (this has no effect) Click OK to pause all downloads and end the program”.
I hope there is another way to download these large files.

Ulf posted a link right above your last message.

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In my previous message I posted a hyperlink to the Steinberg website page where you can download the Grand directly without the Download Assistant. Just click on the blue text which reads “this page”.

Thanks Ulf, I was able to download everything.