Problem with Steinberg Library Manager on Mac

I just installed Cubase 12 Pro on my mac (intel) . Having a problem with Groove Agent SE. Updated Library manager but It would not help. Getting error “Steinberg Library Manager privileged helper has wrong version (-1,-1)”.
Everything worked before Cubase 12 update. Now I simply can’t work.
BTW, Download manager offers installation but always comes up with error suggesting to install from the download folder.
This is all very frustrating.

Please make sure that the Steinberg Library Manager is fully updated. The latest version is 3.2.20. Try uninstalling it and then installing the one from here:

Please note that Cubase 12 is only officially supported on macOS “Big Sur” and “Monterey”.

The library manager is updated to 3.2.20 but it did not help.
running Big Sur on intel

Have you tried enabling SIP?

Thank you for response. I just checked by csrutil status and it shows enabled.

Just for clarification, when are you seeing this message? Is it while installing Groove Agent SE 5? Are you installing the latest version of GA SE (5.1.11)?

Please try uninstalling and reinstalling the utilities listed here, including the Library Manager:

If that doesnt work, please contact Steinberg Support:

I get the message while installing the Groove Agent SE 5 content. Thanks.

Same problem. Tried contacting Steinberg support, no solution. OSX Ventura, M2.