Problem with Surround Audio help please -show stopped!

I have been rebuilding and testing my system. I work in Surround with control room. I am having Audio issues If you can help I would be grateful. I use a ‘Surround Check’ audio clip with the six channel/speaker names being spoken by an engineer - “left front, right front, centre, LFE, Left Surround, right surround”. This was working, but not any more. I also cannot record enable Audio Tracks - greyed out buttons.

I have been stuck like this the whole morning. This may be an obvious mistake I am making, I am what an Audio Engineer would call ‘a klutz’. :blush:

This is what I have checked:

Device set up: Asio driver is selected, inputs 1-8 on my Asio Saffire show as both active and visible - marked (x).

In Devices/VST Connections there is a Surround Input bus 5.1 showing on the iputs tab with correct entries for channels.

There is a blank 5.1 output list in the Outputs tab ( which is correct I believe) .

The Devices/VST Connections/Studio tab has an entry for 5.1 and is enabled.It shows as configuration 5.1.

In the Control Room MIxer 5.1 is showing beneath the big red knob. Activity for 6 channels is seen in the VDU to the right of the big red knob.

In the mixer a Surround Panner is seen for the channel with the ‘Surround check’ clip.

In the inspector It is not possible to select any input busses and clicking shows none in the dropdown list.

Lastly, If I go out of Cubase, and go to Windows/Sound/Speaker Setup (which is also set up for surround) and I click on the six individual speakers - they all work correctly

I had this all working once and now I am totally show stopped!

Z :astonished: :astonished: :confused: :confused: :cry: :cry: :cry:

I really don’t know what went wrong here. But I completely ditched the template and started again it now works

thank you all