Problem with the input signal to Cubase11

hello, I have a problem with Cubase 11 pro, the signal from the sound card does not go to Cubase :frowning: everything is routed correctly, but the signal does not go in. Thank you for your advice on how to solve this problem.
I believe the problem only occurred after upgrading to NI 14 ultimate.
I will be glad for your help. thank you and best regards Marcel

Few questions…

  • What is your soundcard and has its ASIO driver been correctly set (check your Studio > Studio Setup > Audio System panel content) ?
  • “Signal” = MIDI (NI Komplete…), audio or both ?
  • If the latter, are you sure about the content of your Studio > Audio Connections > Inputs panel ? On the opposite : is the MIDI port used activated and functional ?

… and few things to check (among probably others, but these are the first that comes to mind…) :

  • Your monitoring settings BOTH on your soundcard and in Cubase (especially the Preferences > VST > Auto Monitoring one).
  • The input/output routing settings of the involved tracks.
  • The activity in the Audio performance meter : if nothing moves, you have an issue with audio interface driver (which usually can be solved, by using the Reset in the Studio > Studio setup > Audio System panel).

Thank you for your willingness to solve this problem. I check everything and inform about the result. I use more UAD Apollo X8 and Focusrite sound cards, but both are the same. The MIDI signal works correctly, the sound is played out, but it is not possible to record.
Signal routing is fine.

How comes ? If you can, I would like you to post the two following screenshots :

  • one showing the project window showing an involved track (I guess that you are using instrument ones) on which you get sound with signal coming in.
  • a second one showing the same thing, but while recording.

Again, check your monitoring settings. ALL of them…

What is your OS?

Hello. Sometimes the problem may be complex and seemingly unsolvable, but it is often possible to find a solution using testing different settings.
I did not find the error in the settings, it was very special, but I solved it from the beginning by a clean installation of the operating system and everything …
Thanks for the willingness and your advice. Everything works again now.
I wish you a great success in creating music! Marcel

Why is it that problematic to answer the simple question what your OS is?
We have no idea if the problem was on a Mac or on a Windows machine.