Problem with the signal from my guitar

Hello. I have bought a sound card lexicon alpha along with the cd rom for the installation of Cubase 5. I have installed both discs all good. At first I was so frustrated(still am) but I have managed to make some recordings just for checking this thing. But after 3-4 tries when I open cubase 5 i can hear my guitar through the card sound but there is no signal and of course I cannot record . I wouldnt make a topic with no reason. I have seen videos I have read forums but no solution till now. I need help, what is the problem and there is no signal for my guitar since I can hear it through the sound card? Thanks in advance… If its needed i will sent some print screens.

Cubase 5 was release in 2009 and is quite outdated. Also, I think the version that came with the Lexicon interface was Cubase LE, right?

What is your computer? Windows/Mac?
What is your operating system?

You said you managed to make some recordings. What steps did you take to accomplish that? What are the steps you take when it is not working?

I struggle to understand what this means.

Please post as much info as you can. Screenshots are helpful.

Welcome ! :slightly_smiling_face:

I second @mlindeb inquiries. So, let’s take things one by one…

  1. From what I see in the Lexicon Alpha Owner’s manual, there is an ASIO driver to be installed, either with an OSX or a Windows based system. Is it so, and selected in the ASIO Driver dropdown list of the Devices > Devices Setup > VST Audio System panel ?
  2. How do you try to record the guitar ? Is it with the Instrument connector or with a mic ? I guess it’s the first case, but still, if you have an amp without a DI output…
  3. It seems that there is a Monitor mix knob that allows you to use a kind of direct monitoring vs a host one. How have you set it ?
  4. Could you post a screenshot of the Audio track involved, with its inspector (this to see the Input Routing setting, among others) ?

Hey guys thank you very much for the quick response . Apparenlty the problem was that I hadnt changed the vst connections properly, I didnt put my card sound specifically on device setup and the inputs . Well I have to admit that it is a litttle frustrating at first and is quite tough to get the hand of it but its rewarding when you manage to find it . Thank you very much for your responses. I believe I am gonna need something soon again because thats the first step to record and many others will come. For now i will celebrate it by recording a chord progression of mine and some improv. THANk you again!!!

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