Problem with the X Y Pad control in HALion 7

It seems there is a problem with the X Y Pad control on both HALion 7 and HALion Sonic 7.
After using it it gets stuck for no reason…
This is happening for the AU version of the plugin. I have tested under the Standalone versions and VST and it looks like there are no problems with those.

Video of the problem HALion Sonic:

Video of the problem HALion 7:

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Hi @StringAudio , looks weird indeed. If I understand correctly the mouse is unable to grab the handle until you change the filter type, yes?

Edit: I have been able to reproduce this. Even with the quick control XY. It has to move through the lower right corner and then it will freeze until a dropdown does it’s thing. Window coordinates across hosts can be a little messy, so I suppose it has to do with that.

Good find, I will file a bug report for one of the upcoming maintenance releases.

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Hi Philippe,
yes after changing the filter type usually is start working again.
But I have an important update: it looks like, as you can see in the video, the problem happens only when I close the “Load Panel” If I keep it open it looks like the problem is gone…
Same thing in HALion 7.
And again this is happening only for the AU versions, I tried the same thing in the Standalone versions, and closing the “Load Panel” does not cause any problem.
Maybe if you can access a Mac with Logic Pro you can make a test if happens also to you?

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Seems like we did some posting in parallel :sweat_smile::joy:
This confirms my hunch with the coordinates being different in AU.
I filed a bug report with the ID:
I also observed that any quick control will also restore the responsive state of the XY pad.

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Hello Philippe is there any news regarding this bug, when will be fixed with an update? Thanks!

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A fix has been committed to the current development version but is still in review. Should make it to the next update, but I can not give a time frame when that is coming out.

Hello Philippe Has it been fixed in the new update? I can’t find the code HALLY-10156 in the list of bugs fixed…