Problem with Time signature/Tempo changes

Hey guys,
New to the forum here…
For the past 6 months or so i’ve witnessed some issues when loading projects that have time signature/tempo changes.They either fail to load & have to relaunch (and reset & relaunch) to no avail.When (and if) they finally open the metronome click does not count what i’ve programmed properly.A song with 17/16 still sounds like 4/4.Another project with 7/8 completes its cycle after 2 bars(a song of 140BPM had to be set at 280 in order to sound right)!To sum up, click count is way off in almost every odd meter, unless it’s 4/4.In some files i’ve created Tempo & Time signature tracks on the Arranger & initially thought that this was the root of evil (a bug perhaps?) but others are only programmed on the-seperate window-tempo track.I’m about to start recording & getting really frustrated!
I’m running 10.5.8 OSX with cubase 5.5.3 installed.I do NOT wish to upgrade right now as money is tight.
Any thoughts would be highly appreciated!