Problem with track bleeding (yamaha mg10xu, windows)

Hi, I have a problem with track bleeding,
when I try to record a voice track, all the other tracks will be recorded on the audio track. Can you guys tell me what’s the problem? I have tried all of the things that i found on the internet, but nothing.

Most likely you have loopback enabled on your audio interface, assuming it’s not mic leakage.

Just in case you didn’t actually try everything, perhaps you could describe what you did try and what happened when you did.

I have windows, i searched for loopback but nowhere to be found.
The things that i did were: controlling the mixer (yamaha mg10xu), controlling the input and the output, restart the pc and troubleshooting, but nothing

Check the bottom of the second page of this manual:

It addresses how to use a certain button to change monitoring settings on the USB return from the DAW. Asterisk 1 in subscript below specifically mentions creating a loop or feedback. This is likely the problem. The table explains use case and which settings to use on the unit.

ok thanks but when I turn it to mono I don’t hear anything, now i’ll see if it works, but I don’t think

It work, I don’t know how to thank you

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Just mark the issue as solved and then get back to your recording! :metal:t2: