Problem with Track Presets and Track Icons

I’m new to Cubase. I’m used to being able to save track presets with icons with my previous DAW.

When I load one of my VSTs from the rack, it sets up an audio and MIDI track. I saved some of these MIDI tracks as track presets. When I loaded up the track preset, I get the icon but no sound.

I messed around with this with no luck and couldn’t get help from the manual.

I discovered that if I loaded my VSTs as instruments, I could save them as track preset instruments.

When I try to use “load track as track preset” I haven’t had luck because I can’t find my presets. I think I may have screwed that up somehow, because I think I could find stuff in there before…

But when I set up a blank instrument track, I can easily load up a track preset there. And the VST makes sound. And I like just having the VST MIDI track with no audio track. But the icon isn’t there.

Any advice for me? What’s the proper procedure for saving track presets?



I would recommend to use Instrument Tracks instead of Rack Instrument. Then you can store it as a track preset.

That works. But is there a way to save a track picture with the track preset?


No, I’m sorry.