Problem with Trim to Loop - extends beyond R locator.

Hi -

In the Automation Panel I’ve selected Trim and Loop. Using BCF2K.

If I do this in Stop mode: Everything works fine - I pull the trim down a bit, the changes to automation are limited to within the Left and Right Locators, everything works fine.

If I do this in Play mode: (Starting playback, and then some time after I pass the left locator I pull the trim down a bit. Then I punch out by stopping playback before I reach the right locator.)

What works correctly: The Trim extends back to the Left locator, so all my automation points were brought down as far left as the left locator.

What doesn’t seem to work correctly: The Trim effect extends BEYOND the right locator - all my automation points to the end of the project are lower. What I expected is that the automation points would be lowered only as far right as the right locator, but beyond that they would not have been affected by the trim.

Am I not understanding what should be happening, or maybe doing something wrong?

Any help is much appreciated -

Thank you!

Bumping in case anyone hasn’t seen this yet …no one else has this problem? I guess if that’s the case, it’s unique to my system. Hmm, maybe I’ll try it without the BCF …

Use touch.