Problem with triplets

Hello, I can not make sure that the triplet ends as in the attachment, where am I wrong?

When I try to transcribe it, the last quarter note is also included in the triplet. :slightly_frowning_face:

I think as long as the triplet is an eighth note triplet (3 triplet eighths in the space of 2 normal eighths) it should work. Have you perhaps input a quarter note triplet instead? To specify eighth note triplet, enter 3:2e into the tuplets popover.

Hello! I selected the duration (eighths) after the two notes and finally I used the tuplet button.

Inputting tuplets using the popover rather than the button offers you more flexibility and allows for more types of tuplets than just triplets.

Thanks, I’ll try as soon as I get home … :slightly_smiling_face: :ok_hand:

Thanx…all works properly :grinning:…but i’ve noticed that the shortcut for the popover in Dorico 3.5 for irregular groups is “ò” and not “;”.

Well, that depends on your keyboard layout. On my Mac French keyboard, tuplet’s popover is invoked through =
I think mapping properly my keyboard and learning the shortcuts (even building up files that describe those shortcuts, in a time where no documentation was available — I’m talking october-december 2016) was my first “job” on Dorico :wink:
Of course, now great documentation is available (Lillie’s work as well as John’s and Anthony’s videos), but some work remains for us non-English people to get things sorted out with our keyboard layouts.

Yes, that is the shortcut for English keyboards in the English documentation. Other languages (German, French, Italian, Japanese) are available for Dorico 3.1 and will also be available for 3.5 soon.

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