Problem with using Maschine 2 in VST Live

hi there. anyone tried using Maschine inside VST Live?

I’m trying to play back patterns (groups) in Maschine set as shared layer in VST Live (switching between synth sounds set in layers on parts along with shared Maschine for patterns), but all I get is some sounds triggered from time to time within Maschine, a bit randomly, and blip sound which I have completely no idea where’s it’s coming from…
the end result is far from what it should be. this happens for all the patterns in Maschine I tried loading. anyone played around with setting up something similar or at least maybe can try loading Maschine (or some other virtual groovebox) and checking what’s happening on their computer?

thanks for help,


we are really sorry, we are looking to it and we’ll keep you in the loop about our progress.

See you,

hi Michael.

thanks! let me know if you would need some help from my side, I will happily lend a hand if needed.


… it’s has been fixed and it’s coming with the next update. Thank you for pointing to it,