Problem with UVIWorkstationVSTx64

I have installed UVI Synth Antology II and in Cubase Pro 9 I found the instrument UVIWorkstationVSTx64
and when I select that i got up the UVIWorkstation GUI but there are no Synt Antology II in the soundbanks list , only UVI Tutorial Set

The setup folder for the soundbanks is the same as in the standalone UVIWorkstation
I have a support ticket to UVI guys but they first told me to check the path in setup to the Soundbanks, that is the same and after that i have not got any more support maybe for the xmas.

So my question is out here if someone has experience with the UVIWorkstation VST sounds used in Cubase 9
and have any clue what could be fault ?



I had exactly the same problem and logged a call but in the meantime I noticed that although I had updated the software to the latest version as they recommended it had not upgraded the VST - manually removing the .dll for the VST after uninstalling the UVI WS and then reinstalling sorted my issue! - Hopefully it works for you too


Hi Darryl

Problem solved !
I reinstalled UVIWorkstation and also copied the UFS file to Steinbergs VSTplugin folder.

ThankĀ“s for the tip.