Problem with video attached

I’m working with video but I cannot attach it properly.

This is the screen I get:

The sound doesn’t work either.

I can watch the video inside of Cubase 12 (and the sound works there), but not in Dorico 4. I don’t understand what is happening, any explanation and solution?


Can you provide us with the video file, or a small extract from it? You can send it to me via a service like WeTransfer to d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de, and I can ask my colleagues in the video engine team to take a look and see if they can determine what might be going wrong.

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Thank you! I’ve sent it to you.

Thanks for sending the video. It’s working OK for me here. Can I check that you’re using the latest version of Dorico 4, version 4.0.31?

That was it, I was still using Dorico 4.0. I’ve updated and now it works perfect. It’s the second time something related to not having updated the program happens to me :scream:. Thanks for the answer and for having test it yourself!!!