Problem with video export

on Cubase 11, I imported a MP4 video file into a project that had the corresponding audio in It. Lined up perfectly, I set the markers and exported everything. Seemed to work fine, except that the colors are wrong, and skin tones look like too much 'gamma". Anyone know how I can fix this, or what did I do wrong? See attachments (my sheets are Blue) before (blue) and after(Brown)


I would never use mp4 in Nuendo or Cubase even though it’s officially supported, mp4 is a very problematic media container for countless reasons, yours is just the tip of the iceberg.
ProRes and DNxHD are both a perfect fit as video media containers for DAW playback purposes.
There are countless free conversion tools you can use to recode your videos into ProRes or DNxHD before you import them into your DAW, but if you do this a lot and you also need/want to replace the audio in the video file at the end, I created an easy to use and super-fast tool kit that already helps thousands to handle anything related to video in the audio world. It’s not free but there’s a free trial you can take advantage of and find out if that’s something you would find worth the few bucks it costs.

About ProRes and DNxHD, they both have lots of render options, in my vast experience ProRes Proxy, ProRes LT, and DNxHD 36M give you the best balance between smooth playback and fair image quality.

You can of course keep the original video file before the conversion, so that later when you finish your audio production, you can do the audio swapping on the original rather than the huge ProRes/DNxHD copy.

Make your edits to the audio, then export audio only to a 48/16 wave file. Then, using a video editor such as Vegas pro, import the original MP4, delete the old audio track, import the wave file, then render a new MP4 file.


That’s far more expensive than what I offered, plus, it takes far more time and requires experience!
The ER Media ToolKit costs fraction of the cost, and do the audio exchange in moments without re-rendering the entire video. Check it out and see for yourself.

I have the some colour issue with cubase v11.0.10.321 , I import a mp4 video and when it is exported out it seems to remove the red color . All I want to do is simply import video replace the audio with tracks in cubase and then export it out again with the replaced tracks. Additionally why does cubase import my mp4 video of around 1Gig file size and then when exported back out the size is around 16Gb. Why cant cubase leave the video format alone. There should be an option to not rerender/convert the video component.

Don’t export from Cubase, it exports all videos as 30M intra which is huge and takes a lot of time to render. If you use ER Media ToolKit, you can do the audio swapping in seconds without re-rendering the original video.