Problem with VST insert effects

Hey everyone.

I have a question regardingVST Effects in the mixer inserts.

I use mainly waves-plugins, and some (not all) of them don’t remember when I change any settings.
After closing and reopening a project, the settings on some of the plugins are set back to default. Some remember the changes properly.
The plugins that are affected are always the same.
Any ideas?



PS: if it’s of interest: I‘m Using the latest Dorico on an 23 MacBook Pro with M3 Max

When you save your project, the state of all plug-ins is saved as part of the project. Is it possible that the plug-ins in question don’t support the saving and restoration of their state?

Thanks for your reply, Daniel
I don’t know.
In Cubase the plugins save properly.
I’m following some hints from the waves support and forum.
If I find out anything I will post it here.
Best regards,