Problem With VSTi Plugin Pop Up List (Dorico 4 - Windows 10)

Windows 10

I have a long list of VSTi plugins.

No matter what I try (short of moving Dorico to a different SCREEN set to span the desktop down to another screen) I cannot see half of the list to select things. At least one plugin is hidden by the task bar.

I tried using the mouse wheel, tried arrow keys to scroll, tried page down keys, etc…nothing gets me down to the plugin(s) I need to load.

How do I get this to scroll down?

I think your whole list is there. My list goes from the top of the screen to the bottom and I can scroll it because the height of my screen is not big enough. Maybe it’s a problem with your computer (I have an Intel Macbook pro 16"), maybe it’s a problem with blacklisted plugins (check Preferences>VST plug-ins). Worth finding out and reporting here.

No, it’s NOT.

Since my last post I’ve blacklisted half of my VSTi stuff for the sake of brevity (things I don’t use in Dorico very often, duplicates of VST3/2, etc).

Here’s what I get if I move Dorico ‘up’ a screen, then it spans down to a second screen. There are a few that I cannot get at on my bottom screen (out of three).

I can play some squishy games on the main screen (what I’d have to do if I were using a single monitor setup). I can see my current full list, but it’d still be a problem with ALL of my VSTi instruments in the white-list.

That pop up needs a way to SCROLL, and it should not allow the task-bar to obscure any of it (either be higher, or set to ‘top’ the task-bar).

I kept tinkering with this and discovered that I can left-click-hold the list and drag it upwards. I let it go and its ‘springs’ back down.

If I left-click-hold-drag, then add the right mouse button, hold it a moment, let the left mouse button go while still holding the right button, then ‘sometimes’ it will lock there long enough for me to click a plugin further down the list.

Workable but annoying and far from intuitive. What am I missing? Or is it something that works right for those on Mac ports, but not for us on Windows ports?

In the past I’d just roll the scroll wheel, use a little scroll bar on the right with single clicks, or left-hold-drag though pop up lists that are too long to fit on screen.

There have been a few more reports on problematic scrolling in long menus. No doubt the team is aware and probably fixing it as we speak…

We don’t have a fix in store just yet, but we’re certainly aware of the problem and will do our best to come up with a solution in short order.


Also, some developers have verbose names for their sample players. The VST pane is narrow, and cuts off a lot of the name. Combo boxes can be set to show a wider list when dropped down. That would be helpful. Or else the ability to adjust the width on the pane.

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Or a hover-over pop up. HALion does that when space gets tight. Just hover the mouse over it and get a legible pop-up that goes away after moving the mouse away from the hot-spot.

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Making the menu wider is easy; sorting out what happens when it’s very long is, unfortunately, a lot less so.

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My issue is slightly different. If I have Dorico in full width / height on my right hand monitor - the VST list appears on far right side of the left hand monitor. When the VST instrument opens, it’s on the far left side of the left hand monitor. The left hand monitor is the main one, so this may have something to do with that? Scrolling down the list doesn’t seem to be a problem but like others have said here, it would be very useful if the list was wider.

(on OSX btw)