Problem with win 10, cubase 9 and fireface 800

Problem with win 10, cubase 9 and fireface 800 (newest drivers). I just formatted my PC and installed the newest windows 10. Bought cubase 9.01 and wanted to make 2 logins on the PC. One for my boys so they can Do some music on their login account and one for me as an admin. The strange thing is when i start up cubase i choose drivers first (my admin account) and use asio fireface as drivers. This have been the same in win 7 too, no problem. When i log out from my account and want to setup my boys account i find the same drivers listed but when i choose this drivers i get this message “the audio driver could not be loaded” on their account. If i go back again to my account, no problem again it loads. When i go to device manager att watch under fireface 800 tab i can find something like this in english. “Device installations require further installation/Device 1394\A35&1\000A350099FB786E requires further installation.” on one tab But this message comes even on my account so i dont know if thats something to care about. Is there anyone here who can understand this. Hope i can make myself understand with my english

asus p9x79, 4960x, samsung 850pro ssd 512 systemdisk, 32 gb g-skill 2133mhz ram, rme fireface 800fw soundcard nividia gtx 580 gfx

Noone :frowning:

Could it be a Windows defender or anti virus thing? As you are running Cubase as Administrator your two boys are not. Perhaps you might have to clear this with Defender or whatever Anti-Virus you are using.

This is a Microsoft issue not a Steinberg issue.

Thanks for replies…i have no antivirus on the studio PC conserning defender i have to look if its on on the boys login account…cmaffia, i wanted to ask here cus i hoped someone more than me had this problem and knew how to fix it…

If Defender is switched on try turning it off.

Yes i will try that first of all…Unfortunately i cant reach the studio PC until friday

Today i deleted their account and made a new one again and put them also as administrators rights. Made a Clean boot and disables all services wich was not related to microsoft. Still i cant load up asio fireface drivers in cubase 9.01 on their account only generic drivers altough the drivers is there but same mess as before. Logging in to my account again , no probs at all. Is there anyone els here who have two account in win 10 cubase 9 and CAN use both account for recording? Maybe i have an unik situation here too

Are you running the app as administrator?

No i dont do anything special when entering cubase. Not on my account or not in their account. I dont rightclick on cubase and choosing run as administrator anytime

There is only problem when i try to load up the right drivers in cubase on the boys account…Everything else works as usual. Other programs, no problems

Some processes need administrator rights. So they need to be local administrator.

It seems to me to be a problem with the RME driver and not Cubase or Windows.
Have you tried asking in the RME forum ?
Is totalmix accessible from the “boys” login ?

Yeees Thank you…i remember now that i made my admin account so it Always opened up Everything as an admin. I hate to have to put in password for simple things and i forgot about it. I guess then that Everything on the other account was not done as admin. OKAY, but is there a way now to let them use cubase as admin rights but then lock down other things…I want to have some Control over how they install things for example

With admin rights they can change anything you block
The policy editor is where you block stuff for standard users, but then Cubase doesn’t work

ouch and i wanted the opposite…let them use cubase and not so much more