Problem with Windows Themes

After a previous Posting we cannot now use either Cubase 8 or Cubase 8.5 because it displays a message saying.

This Steinberg product does support ‘Basic and High Contrast Themes’ on Windows operating system. Please use one of the ‘Aero’ themes that you can set in the Windows control Panel’.

We do not need this sort of problem. We have a recording session booked for 12 noon tomorrow and now Cubase is unusable. Could we have a fix please? At this stage we would be quite happy just to use Cubase 8. :smiley:

Trying to guess what you’r problem actually is as you haven’t explained anything…are you getting this message even though you definitely have Aero enabled and are using an Aero theme??

What do you mean by “after a previous posting”…you mean a post on the forum…are we supposed to search this to understand your problem??

Do you have a remote access software like teamviewer running in the background? Then stop it. These apps can downgrade your graphic resolution temporarily, which is not compatible to cubase.

Hi. Cubase 8 requires Aero to be enabled. You cannot use a Windows “Basic” theme. Right click on your desktop and choose “personalize”, then select an Aero theme instead. Then launch Cubase.

Please, will the next version of Cubase 9 or 10 to work in ‘Basic and high contrast themes’
on Windows 7 or Win 10 ?? I find it very important for vision problems …
Thank you …

I am having the exact same problem here. But with Cubase 9. I HAVE got an aero theme running and still I ca not launch Cubase. Paid 200£ yesterday and still no experience of Cubase 9. When I try to launch I get the death error ’ this Steinberg product does not support basic or high contrast themes, go to control panel and choose a aero theme. Cubase clearly doesn’t understand it’s been changed. Also… I even rolled back with system restore, removed all traces of folders and files for the Cubase 9 install and then changed my theme from the basic one I did have to start,. So then with an aero theme active I tried doing a fresh install. Guess what? SAME PROBLEM!

Very frustrated indeed. I am three quarter the way to demanding a refund if Steinberg support can’t fix this in the morning.

But earo has to be working too! If you select the basic aero theme and the taskbar isn’t transparent aero is not working. There are a few programs that disable aero when the run.

I posted a possible solution for Aero in the Cubase 9 general forum last night, it seems to be working for me in Artist 8.5 and 9 …