Problema con las fuentes

Hola, cada vez que abro un proyecto de Dorico me aparece un mensaje que me dice: Fuentes no encontradas. Una o más fuentes de este proyecto no están instaladas en su ordenador. Pero si que tengo instaladas estas fuentes, y de hecho al abrir el proyecto Dorico reconoce las fuentes.

Sabría alguien como solucionarlo?


You will see the Missing Fonts dialog when opening an existing project if the font or paragraph styles in your project request a weight for the font that is not available. For example, if you use the Petaluma font, there is only a Regular weight for that font, but if you have a font style that is set to request the Italic version of the font, Dorico (or more accurately, the Qt framework upon which Dorico depends) will synthesise a font for you on-screen, but the font itself nevertheless does not exist.

If that doesn’t match up to what you’re seeing, please attach a screenshot of the Missing Fonts dialog and the project itself so we can take a look.

I suspect the problem is that the style name for “Interstate-Light” is not “Regular” but rather something else, for example “Light”. You should go through the affected font styles and check that the style name is set appropriately.