Problema when I change flows order

Hello community!
I have a problem with Dorico 3
Is a first time Who I change the order of flows in 3 version (in Dorico2 no problem!)

When I drag a flows in another position the next flow don’t show the title frame…

Can you help me please?

My guess is that the relevant page already had an override on it, as shown by a red corner in the Pages panel on the right side of Engrave mode. If you introduce an override by manually dragging stuff around (or editing the contents of frames) then Dorico can’t automatically update that page. You need to right-click the overridden page and remove overrides.

Due to the introduction of Flow Headers in version 3, things work differently in the new version.

Flow headings were introduced in Dorico 2.2, not in Dorico 3. But I’m sure Leo is right: you have overridden pages, so Dorico won’t make any more automatic changes to the page layout.

Whoops! :blush:

Perfect! Thank you very much!!