Problems Activating Halion Sonic & The Grand SE 3

Hello. I recently purchased Cubase 7 for my laptop. I successfully installed C7 on my laptop, however, I am having problems activating halion sonic and the grand se 3 on my laptop. Earlier this year I purchased halion sonic and the grand and installed it into my pc using Cubase 6 with no problem (I installed the trial version CD’s and then later purchased the full versions via internet). I have licenses for Cubase, halion sonic, and the grand se 3 on the same key. However, I can’t pull the instruments up in Cubase 7 using my laptop. I see the license on my dongle key when I go to the license center but when I am using Cubase 7, I don’t see halion or the grand in cubase. I searched the forum but didn’t see the answer to my specific problem. Please help, thank you!

Do any of them show in the “Devices / Plug-in Information” dialog at all?

Not at all. All I see are the plug-ins that come directly with Cubase 7.

Is the C7 on your laptop a clean install, or did you already have C6, HS and the Grand on it PRIOR to C7?
(I read “laptop” and “pc”, so I am not sure if they are the same or different computers.)

If not, do you see the HS and the Grand plugins in the appropriate Program Files directories?

If you did do a clean C7 install, you did install them after installing Cubase 7?

C6, HAlion Sonic, and The Grand was installed on my desktop using the included CD’s that came with Cubase 6. After the trial periods were over, I purchased the full versions on the Steinberg shop. This was all on my desktop PC. I recently purchased a MacBook pro. I just purchased C7 and installed it from the CD with no problem. I would like to use HAlion Sonic & The Grand in my MacBook pro just as I was able to do in my desktop PC with C6. I have the licenses on my dongle, but is there anyway to use them in my MacBook?

My main concern is, how do I go about installing HS and The Grand on my MacBook after it was previously installed on my desktop PC. The only CD’s I have are the trial CD’s that came with Cubase 6. Do I use the trial CD’s to install HS and The Grand on my MacBook?