Problems audio steinberg ur242

Hi, explain the my problem: As I listen to an audio track i have a interruptions for a second as if at that moment down the volume suddenly, then lift it immediately. This happens either while sound with various synth with cubase, and also while listening to a simple canzione (youtube, mp3, wave).
I changed from 2 days motherboard believing they were the USB ports, but instead the problem persists. Can you help me? thanks
PS: The OS is windows 7 with the last drivers on ur242

This is called DPC latency. The dropouts can be caused by many things like IRQ conflicts (multiple devices on same channel) or your wifi-adapter is a usual suspect.

You could read some on these pages about common culprits. Essentialy you want to have a minimum of services running and disable all things unncessary plus go into Windows settings and adjust CPU power/backgrounf services as priority etc. Latencymom is a free tool you can download for troubleshooting.

Good luck!

Hello, ok I do these test hoping to solve. :slight_smile:
Thanks for the answer

I bought the steinberg UR44 and I solved the problem. :confused: