Problems, bugs and issues report

Hi there,

I’m presently cleaning up an orchestral scores and want to report some of the problems encountered. Maybe some or all have been reported before. If that’s the case, sorry!

A. Keyboard shortcuts :

Might be just a French translation problem… In Preference - Keyboard shortcuts, the following functions are wrong :

  • Configuration : Déplacer l’instrumentiste vers la droite (should read : Déplacer l’instrumentiste vers le bas);
  • Sélection et navigation : Étendre la navigation vers le bas / le haut jusqu’en bas du système (Étendre la sélection vers…)

Here are English approximations of the commands in case the problem doesn’t come from translation :

  • Configuration : Move player to the right (should read Move player down)
  • Selection and navigation : Extend the navigation to the top / bottom of the system (Extend the selection…)

I have no idea why but there’s no way I can make the Grid resolution shortcuts work in Play mode. The play menu does flash when sending the command, but nothing happens. I have the same problem with the Line size that used to work before.

B. Note heads :

  • In the triangle note heads, the note heads “in big triangle going upward/downward” are inverted

    C. Trills
  • When a trill covers more than one note, the properties (interval, show/hide accidental…) are not applied to the following notes.

D- Brackets
In the score I’m working on, I have two percussionist. For a reason I don’t understand, if one or both are changing instrument, the staff bracket for percussion disappears on the next page. (screenshot attached)

Finally, I have no idea if the problem comes from Dorico, other softwares or my computer, but quite often I get weird behaviors after working for a long time in Dorico. I cannot reproduce them at will, but these includes : keyboard shortcuts not responding or getting mixed up; not being able to select elements; selected elements not lighting up…
Normally, rebooting settles everything back.


Thanks for the feedback on the translation for those command names, which I have passed along to our French-language translator for consideration in future updates. Regarding the noteheads, I guess that may also be a translation issue, because they appear to point in the right direction for me!

If you want to change the trill interval for a trill that covers multiple notes, do so following this procedure.

Regarding brackets, perhaps you have a bracket and barline change somewhere in your project that specifies a bracket for a specific combination of percussion instruments? It looks like at least one of your two percussionists is changing instrument through the course of the flow, and if you have a custom bracketing change, that will apply to the specific instrument that was active at the point at which you created it, and not any other instruments held by that player.

Allo Daniel,
Thanks for the quick answer.
For my bracket prochain problem, I have no custom bracket in the project. I’ll check if I can see a pattern when the project is finished. For now, the bracket seems to disappear when he changes to snare and bass drum. He plays more instruments and his first assigned is vibraphone. At first I thought it has to do with switching between chromatic and non chromatic percs, but my first perc goes from timpani to bass drum with no consequences.
Thanks for the trill! Big time saver.