Problems Connecting with VSL

I am using Dorico 3.5, and had Vienna Symphonic Library Synchron Players connected for playback. Out of the blue, the players can no longer find the instruments. I have tried re-installing all the VSL files, they are all in the computer. I have paid to upgrade to Dorico 4, but haven’t set it up because I want my VSL playback to work. I tried opening that too, and it doesn’t even recognize the Synchron players as a possibility in the Play section. I just want one version somewhere to work.

Thanks for any help!

If you’re using an M1/M2 Mac, make sure you’re running Dorico 4 with Rosetta. VSL software is not Apple Silicon native yet.

In 3.5, your screenshot looks like the Synchron sample database has been cleared somehow. Not sure if you can do this in the plugin or if you have to open the standalone Synchron player, but if you click the gear on the top bar, then select the Database tab in the resulting window, you can check your volume scan paths. If there’s nothing there, point it to your sample install location.

Are you sure you’re logged in to iLok? I’m on a PC, but I’ve gotten the VSL “No compatible instruments found” message before when I’ve gone back and forth from my desktop to laptop and forgot to log in to the iLok cloud session. If the license for the piano VST you are trying to use isn’t active in iLok, then Synchron Pianos can’t use it.

I did that, and it seems to be set to the correct folder.

I think this might be the problem. I set up the iLok to verify through the cloud. When I first had this problem, the application for this was open. I since shut it to try to see if restarting it fixed it, and now cannot find that application again. So, I’m not sure, but it might be what’s going on.

Another possibility — go into the Vienna Assistant app → preferences → Database on the left selection bar → see what’s listed. Possibly try the reset database button at the bottom of that page.

Close out of all your VSL stuff, open the iLok License Manager, Sign In, click whatever your Cloud license is called on the left side, then at the bottom of the right side click Show Details. After that panel expands, click on Open Your Cloud Session. Now restart all your VSL software and hopefully everything works!

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