Problems controlling mixer channels with nanokontrol

Hi everyone, I would like to know how to control the parts mixer etc.
with nanokontrol, I noticed that using the nano kontrol with cubase with an example of 3 instruments + out main
it works perfectly
the first 3 sliders control perfectly and exit out main the 9 slider controls
it would be right if vst live also worked the same way, but unfortunately if

I’m going to insert 3 layers + out
and I’m going to do the learn with nanokontrol of the first 3 cursors and then everything will be fine
I’m going to associate the out main on 9 and here too it’s fine for the moment everything works perfectly
the problem occurs if I add other parts with various layers, for example more than 5, the main is not controlled with the 9th cursor but it changes
Wouldn’t it be right if the control of the main output if set from the actions and shortcuts from application main volume is not also used by the learn mixer?
There is a lot of confusion in this.
I hope I have explained myself well, I would like to point out that I am Italian and I use Google Translate to communicate in English. Sorry if there are errors
However, I also attach the two demonstration files for both Cubase and vstlive. Hoping you have the nanokontrol to try too.
A thousand thanks.
cubase slider nanokontrol ok.cpr (470.4 KB)
test nanokontrol 3 slider + main control.vlprj (853.0 KB)

The Mixer is global and the channel of each part will be attached and removed. Do you know that you can change the order of the channels in the Mixer? In you case I would suggest that you move the Main-Channel to the first position. Then you know for every part that the Main-Channel is on the first position and you can control it with Slider_1 of your MIDI interface. And the Layer_1 (of Part1 and Part2) to Position_2, Layer_2 (of Part1 and Part2) to Position_3 …

The MIDI Learn function for the Mixer only knows the channel position. It does not know which channel-type is actually placed behind it.

See you,

But when I use “Main Volume” in the Aplication tab, it should work independently of the position. I use it that way on position 8 of the nanokontrol and have noch problems with main on the far right of the mixer. But to be honest, I have max 5 Layers in my project. I’m not sure, what happens, when I will have more then 8 layers.

Hi @Spork ! Just a theoretical question. Long time ago there was a topic where I wanted to explain with my words to @musicullum , somehow link Channel Actions with UID’s (instead of actual mixer positions), but I couldn’t explain myself good enough. Now as Automation Channel is avaiable in VSTL2, I want to say to @musicullum that my question was exactly how currently Automation Track is linked to a specific mix channel (or stack, layer).

Now back to @francescomidi 's current situation. Is that theoretically possible (sure in the far future … with extra programming) to assign Actions&Shortcuts commands to “all-global-mixer-channels” as it works with the new guy: “Automation Track”? (the same way as Main Volume remains always Main Volume, regardless of it’s position)

It is independant and that is probably your problem. Whichever action is triggered is served; if you apply the same action multiple times, the last one wins.
There are also functions to apply channel order to all Songs etc.

I dont have a problem. It works well on my side :wink: . But @francescomidi has a problem. I arranged myself with an order system form left to right.
Global stacks → 3 song groups → 1 song group as monitor → metronome → everything else → main.
I’ve linked the nanokotrol to the global stacks, song groups, metronome and main.