Problems Cubase 12 with Mac Pro (Ventura OS)

Hello to everybody!

I am trying to install from a few days Cubase 12 on my new Apple Mac Pro (Ventura version) and seems some VST or software are not installed in Cubase 12, like Halion 6, Iconica Opus, some software have folders empty after downloading the content from download library, and so on.

I have tried many times the same process, uninstall and reinstalled all the application but seems the problem is still there.

The eLicenses and Maintenance seems to be fine, Activation Manage is OK, is not first time when I installed Cubase, but I really don’t understand what is happened.

I am waiting for your support, thank you!

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Hello again

let’s say I fixed some issues but still have many unfixed.
About Halion 6, for example if I open an old project which include Halion 6, in Cubase 12 on the new device Mac Pro Apple is opened but with Halion 7, and is working, but my question is why I still not have even Halion 6 on my new devices on Cubase 12 after Halion 6 is installed?

I bought un upgrade to Absolute 6 UD from Absolute 4 / Download Version, which include Halion 7 and so on, but why I didn’t have the Halion 6 as well?

I don’t have this on my VST Instruments on Cubase 12.dow

The other question is about empty folders after I downloaded the content and some samples, all from Steinberg Download Assistant, because I have a few efectively without anything insider, they are empty, and here I am speaking about my licenses products bought from Steinberg.

Another strange thing is about Iconica Opus, which I bought last year, it is work on my other desktop with Windows when I had Halion 6, but here in Mac Pro Apple with Cubase 12 I didn’t find it on Halion 7, and if you are going to VST Instruments & Plugins on Steinberg Download Assistant at Iconica Opus, you will find follows: HALion Sonic 7, Iconica Sections & Players Strings, Iconica Sections & Players Woodwinds, Iconica Sections & Players Brass, Iconica Sections & Players Percussions & Harp, Iconica Ensembles. And some of them are empty after download, and after open Cubase 12, is asking me to delete Iconica Sections & Players.

So, these are my strange, important problems and please let me know how to fix them, because I am tired after 2 weeks and no results.

Thank you very much in advance.