Problems eliminating flows Dorico


I have problems eliminating flows in Dorico. I usually work on big projects with lots of musicians who sometimes play more than one instrument and lots of flows. Very often when I need to eliminate flows to create a shorter version of the piece or to create a new piece for the same musicians, Dorico gets blocked and doesn’t eliminate any flows. On other days I was able to eliminate some flows by waiting a lot of time or eliminating things slowly. Why is that? Shouldn’t it eliminate flows quickly?

Thank you very much in advance,

I suspect the difference in wait time is how many views Dorico has to recalculate. Next time, before you remove flows from a layout, try this first: Close all views but the full score, Save, Close the project, and reopen it.

I could be wrong with this. I’ve recently experienced fairly long lag times when removing instruments from flows, in a project with only a full score layout and only a dozen short flows.

If you’ve tried to remove a flow and Dorico never responded, you’ll have to provide a reproducible case for them to investigate …