Problems exporting a drum track

I’m using Essential 4 on my new laptop, Acer 5742 (Windows 7 64 bit) and after pressing Ctrl A then P, then Export audio flle, I get the message ‘Unexpected error’.
What am I doing wrong?

You set your start and end markers correctly?


OP: What are the export details? Track type etc…

It’s a midi file (Superior drummer)
I’ve tried to export it as a Wave file and Windows media file with the same result.
Stereo, 44.100Hhz, 24bit (or 32 bit float - I’ve tried both)
I also tried to export the whole song but that doesn’t work either.

I know the problem isn’t the drum track as I have exported it before on my old laptop. Could it be anything to do with Windows 7?
Also,I’m not sure if it’s relevant but after working on the song and trying to save it a message appeared, “The project could not be replaced.It has been stored as new file . . . 01 cpr instead”
Could it be something to do with the fact the song was originally recorded on a 32bit laptop and the new one is 64 bit?

Are you running Cubase as Admin? Did you try Realtime mixdown? How much RAM is installed in the lappy as opposed to what Cubase is using?

Sorry, not sure what you mean by running Cubase as admin or a realtime mixdown.
There is 4Gb RAM which should be enough as the old laptop only had 2Gb and it exported without a problem.

In W7, you need to run Cubase as Admin so it has write permission, IIRC. Realtime mixdown slows down the Mixdown process. This is needed is cases where VSTi’s etc. need the extra time to process. Also, make sure the folders did,t get write protected somehow.

What if you use the flexible routing to record the track/s directly to an audio track? Will it let you?

How can I find if it’s run as Admin? I looked in Security but couldn’t see anything.

Rightclick on the shortcut, click properties and in the compatibility tab there’s an option to run as admin.

I tried that and it makes no difference.I just recorded a bass track, tried to export it but got the same ‘unexpected error’ message.