problems exporting audio when a video file is embedded in Dorico

I’ve been trying to export audio only from a Dorico session that has a video attached (from which I was syncing the audio from the video). Two questions:

  • is there any reason why the presence of the Video would “hang up” the export (even if I’m just Exporting an audio WAV file from Dorico)? It keeps stopping at 97% and not continuing.
  • when I export the audio, will it by default include the audio that was in the video file or is there some way to toggle this option? (I’m using Note Performer so I wasn’t sure, for example, if turning down the Video track audio level in the mixer would make a difference one way or the other - and I can’t check this since Dorico currently refuses to complete the export).
    Thanks -
  • D.D.

This problem is fixed in the forthcoming update. In the meantime you may find the audio export completes more reliably if you increase your audio buffer size. The exported audio should include the soundtrack from the video

Excellent. However, the only way to exclude the soundtrack from the video would be to reduce it’s level in the mixer to 0%? It might be useful (down the line) to also have an option to exclude it (via a checkmark, etc.) (just my two cents) when exporting (just as a suggestion)…
Best and much thanks -

  • D.D.

In other words, muting the video’s audio track in the mixer will not affect the audio export?

I’d like to know this also, since there are definitely situations where you’d want to exclude the original audio that came with the imported video and just export the newly-created Dorico audio (I guess the workaround would be to just temporarily detach the video entirely if you can’t turn the Video volume down to 0 in the mixer).

  • D.D.

Well, I checked it and successfully muted the video soundtrack. I was hoping you would try it and see if you could duplicate it.

Sorry - didn’t have a chance - but glad that there’s a way to do this (so thanks for checking!)

  • D.D.