Problems initializing after installing waves plugins


Today I installed my new Waves C6 and another plugin via waves central, next to the Waves Gold bundle. All went well, but with starting Cubase, it starts initializing. After a few seconds it displays it cannot find waveshell 9.6…vst3. When I prompt it to the right directory, nothing happens. I can do it over and over again, nothing happens. When I ignore it, no waves plugins are available in Cubase.

Please advise.

Thank you,
Bas Kunnen

Hi guys,

It’s solved, thanks to the help of I4-muzique!

When you want to install a Waves bundle alongside seperate plugins, you need to re-install everything together in one take. It took me 15 minutes, and worked right away!

Thank you, Ron Boots!

Having same problem with newly purchased Waves Gold Bundle. Advice appreciated.