Problems installing Cubase 13.0.30

I have this problem: After downloading the update I am informed that some files are missing, but they ARE there!

The missing files are in the right location so why doesn’t it work, and what can I do?

Regards Stig


In this case, I would try to restart the computer or reinstall the HSSE library.

Hi Martin

How do I reinstall the entire library? From Library Manager?


Download and install it from the Steinberg Download Assistant, please.

Ok THanks!

Just to be clear, it doesn’t say that the files are missing, it says they can not be opened.

But all the files are fine and all the read/write rights are fine too.
Why can’t they be read?

Now I have tried to install these libs again. In Cubase I have Groove Agent SE5 loaded but I have a whole bunch of presets that has this red mark next to them.
Is it because I haven’t bought those libs? And if so, why do they appear in the browser?
It looks like this:

I usually use Superior Drummer, BFD and Addictive Drums and I find it very confusing to use GA.
Any help much appreciated!


Double check in the SAM and make sure all is activated.

Sometimes this can cause this type of issue.

Good Luck.


I have 4 apps Dorico, Cubase, Nuendo and Wavelab. It looks like this:

But I own some of the VST soound-sets:

This is the Jazz essentials, that doesn’t work in Cubase.

Isn’t all this quite convoluted?

What can I do?


This product uses Soft-eLicenser. Reactivation

Double-check, if there is no voucher in your MySteinberg account, so you could transfer the license to the new Steinberg licensing system, please.

Ahh! Thanks

Can I ask you, what is the difference between Groove Agent 5 and Groove Agent SE 5?


Groove Agent SE 5 is part of Cubase licence. For Groove Agent 5, you need a dedicated licence.

The comparison is available here.

Hi Martin

Thanks a lot. I actually bought Groove Agent some years ago and will give it a shot in the coming month.