Problems listening and exporting with an Edirol

I just started using Cubase 7 with an Edirol, and after a while I got the in-channel to Windows 7 to work, although the sound quality leaves something to be desired. I now have these two problems:

When recording, I want to be able to listen in, of course, and I also want to be able to listen to the segments as I finish them, before I export, but playing the recordings does not emit any sound whatsoever to the headset, so I have to export first.

The result, in the form of a flac or a wav, is - as far as I can tell - down to half speed, like playing a single at 33rpm. After trying 41,5 som 48 sampling frequency, recording as well as playing, the problem persists. It would really be nice if anyone could tell me what I’m doing wrong here.

Dum spiro spero