Problems moving setting to second machine

With Cubase 10.5. Pro I could just head over to C/User/MYNAME/APPDATA/ROAMING/STEINBERG/CUBASE 11_64 copy the whole folder and replace the foldercontent on my second machine. This is not working with Cubase 11 Pro anymore. I copy and paste the whole thing, but some things just aren’t changed or behave weirdly:

  • Plugin Pathes → NOTHING changed
  • Plugin List → NOTHING changed
  • Templates → Showing “Invalid project file “Shell.cpr””
  • Key commands → Showing “Preset is invalid”

What I did:
I reinstalled both cubases on both machines. No changes.
Both have the exact same version
I also tried to export the profile-manager file and import it on the second machine. Nothing changed - not even the language.

Please help.

?? Anyone around ??


The preferences transfer works for me here.

For the complete transfer, I would definitely go for the Profile Manager. Did you restart Cubase after importing and enabling the profile?

They fxed it with the new update. You are now able to just copy the hole content within the AppData - Roaming folder and bring it to the second machine again.

Thanks Steinberg!