Problems, must rewrite the screen to see changes i make...


I have problems with Dorico. After a while I don’t see the green cursor during playback, and worse. If mark a note for editing I don’t see that until I move the score. Then the screen rewrites and changes are seen. I happens after 10-15 minutes of work. Very annoying… What could be the reason for this?

I’ve tried restart the computer, no change. I have not updated or installed anything new. The thing with the green cursor have been there always, but that note editing, slurs and so forth doesn’t show until i move the screen.

Any ideas!?

Unfortunately I can’t help but suffer with you.
I have also experienced this. However switching between modes (write and engrave) did help me often.

Hi ReRei!

Thanks! That helped a bit, but only for a couple of minutes, then same thing happens again.

Anyone from the Dorico team that have a solution!?

Unfortunately not, and you can find some other discussions of this problem elsewhere on the forum, e.g. here.

Thanks Daniel! I’ll check the other post.