Problems purchasing the Micrologue ARP IAP

I have three times purchased the Micrologue ARP and every time I have been refunded within a couple of days without reason. I have not requested this and Google Support does not see a problem with my account. Why is this happening? I have purchased Classic Machines without issues so it seems to be a problem with the ARP in-app purchase.

I have the same problem…any news about this issue?

Hi simonjonnemeth and nmmfer,

Thank you for your reports, which have been shared with our engineering.

Were there specific steps involved, which could have triggered the issue?
Is it correct, that both of you did not request a refund for the in-app purchase?

In the meantime, please give it a try to uninstall and reinstall the app, to see if this helps to solve the problem.

Please keep me updated.



How can I uninstall and reinstall the Micrologue ARP app? Because all 4 apps are working good inside Cubasis 3 for Android…the only issue is that I received yesterday a mail from Google Play Store informing about the refund about micrologue ARP IAP.

Just for your information I bought Cubasis 3 and all 4 in-apps…all working good…only received the Google Play email about Micrologue ARP…but I dont want the refund…I want to stay with the Micrologue ARP like the other threee apps (classic machines and FX Packs 1 and 2).

Can you help me Lars?

Best Regards,


Hi Nuno,

Unfortunately we are unable to reproduce the problem.

It is only possible to uninstall the app, followed by a new installation and restoring the purchases.
Would be great, if you could give this a try to check, if it solves the current issue.


Hi Lars,

I installed Cubasis 3 also in my mobile phone (Samsung S10+) and it’s all good except Micrologue ARP IAP.,which is not working…in the shop there is the orange button to buy it for 5,49€, but as you know I already bought it during the summer same promotion. The other apps are good and have the the green button “Bought” in the shop.

The strange thing is that in my tablet I have Cubasis 3 installed since the beginning when I did the purchases (2 weeks ago) and all apps are good (with green button “Bought” in the shop for all, including the Micrologue ARP IAP, which is working perfectly)

So I have inconsistent and different situations between my tablet and my mobile phone…

Of course I want Micrologue ARP IAP also working on my mobile phone like It is on my tablet.

Other strange thing is that Cubasis 3 and all associated apps that I bought don’t appear in My Steinberg area…

Can you verify these situations please?