Problems reamping with Zoom G5n

Can’t make this work. I think the wet destination track is set up properly to receive the reamped signal (input set up as stereo out which is the output of the dry source track), but it seems the G5n isn’t sending the dry input signal thru the patch I’ve selected, then out the stereo out USB channels. I know the dry signal is getting to the unit via USB (I hear it in the headphones or out the 1/4" output jacks), but with no effects. As a hack test, I tried running a 1/4" cable from the G5n’s left out to its guitar input jack, and then a “sort of” re-amped signal is sent back to Cubase and recorded, but it sounds terrible; serious delay, signal attenuation, etc. BTW - I’m having the same issue with my Digitech RP360XP, so I’m sure I’m doing something wrong. But the fact that dry is going from Cubase to the Zoom unit, and something wet (and smelly) is coming back (when my hack cable is in) and gets recorded on the destination wet track makes me think this is a G5n issue than track setup in Cubase…

Anyone successfully reamped with either of these units? Or with any of these modeling pedals for that matter?

zoom pedals only apply effects to input fed thru guitar input jack the aux in is used for jamming with mp3 etc. Also the guitar input is expecting a inst level signal (high z) your output from cubase will be line level and will sound crap when reprocessed by zoom patches if fed back via this input. I would try reamping via vst guitar amp sims (many are available ) as the signal stays in cubase. whenever I record my guitars I record on 2 tracks 1 wet (with whatever patch selected ) 2 dry then if i want to try a different sound I can insert my amp sim and try various patches .Try it its fun

Thanks, man. I had a feeling it might be something like this. Probably the same with the Digitech RP360, although I was very successful re-amping with my old Digitech GNX4 (loved that pedal). What would you recommend for guitar VSTs? I haven’t played with these yet… any free good ones (he naively asks…)?