Problems Rewiring Ableton 9 Live 64 and Cubase 7.5 64

morning all,
Has anybody successfully Re-wired Ableton Live 9 (64 bit) with Cubase 7.5 (64 bit)?
Both are up to date versions.
I follow the Ableton website advice - ie running Cubase as Administor / load my project and then activate an Ableton rewire channel. so far so good!
When I launch Ableton (also as Admin) both systems hang. (It did load Ableton once - but then hung immediately)
Anyone have any tips or tricks?
many thanks

windows 7 - 64 bit

I got it to work.
change live’s parameter to always run as admin (right click Ableton Live 9 Suite.exe and go to compatibility then always run as admin)
then start cubase, activate the 2 live rewire channels.
start live et voilà

Hi there,
thanks for reply - I followed your instructions but get the same issue.
it starts loading Ableton - initialises in and outs and then hangs during loading new set.
I have to abort via task manager - both Ableton and Cubase.
Are you running the same 64bit version on Windows 7?
thanks again

I am using windows 8.1 on a 64 bit system.
I am sorry fo ryou this must be quite frutrating!

yes - it does slow down the work flow a bit!

Had the same problem and could solve it by unticking
Device Setup -> VST Audio System -> Release Driver when Application is in Background