Problems to record the MIDI

Hi there!

I got problems all the time I want to record MIDI into my projects. I got the spund in the Mixer and in the audio, but the track is not recording, despite that all buttons are activated and even the preferences are according to the user guide. Anybody has same problem or some inspiration to fix it?

Regards, Gustavo

Hi and welcome,

Are you recording to the MIDI track, Instrument tracks or Audio track? Can you see incoming MIDI data in the Transport Panel, and in the track? Can you see, the event is created?

Hi Martin

I can see data in the volume of the track and I think it is the VST instrument track. Instrument Halion sonic SE. But in the track itself it doesn´t record. It remains blank, so the data doesn´t get in. I can only play the instrument and listen to it, but what I´playing is not coming into the track.

You got any suggestions? Thanks for your help!



OK, in this case it is an Instrument track. What MIDI Input Device do you use? Can you really hear the Sound of the HALion Sonic? Does it change, when you change the sound in the HALion Sonic? Is Record Enable (red button) enabled on the track?

You wrote, you can see “data in the Volume”, do you mean meters? Could you send some screenshots, please?

Hi Martin,

I can hear the sound of the Hallion Sonic and the input device (on the program) is a Rock Organ (into Hallion Sonic). The red button in the Hallion Sonic track is enabled. What I can see is in the volume pannel of the Mixer and of the track, that the sound is going in (or out), but the only problem I got is that the sound I reproduce is never recorded.


Again the same question: What MIDI Input Device do you use, please? Or do you play just via mouse to the virtual keyboard of HALion Sonic SE?


I was playing in the virtual keyboard, and now it is working (I must have touched something that I missed before). Thanks, Gustavo


If you play virtual keyboard of HALion Sonic, this doesn’t send data to the MIDI input.

You fave to use Virtual Keyboard of Cubase (Alt+K), or real MIDI keyboard.