Problems trying to Re-License Cubase 6


I’m new to this forum and sorry if the answer to this question appears obvious. To me it isn’t.

I recently reformatted my harddrive and reinstalled Cubase 6. Am downloading the updates to 6.5 as I write. My e licencer (latest version available) is only giving me a limited licence and I have tried to re register online but I only see options for C.6 Elements, C.6 LE etc. Can’t see an option for Cubase 6. I assume I am applying for a new activation code, but where do I find this? Also I want to activate my copy of Cubase for a one time for life license. Is that possible?

Many thanks.

You only need to activate a Cubase 6/6.5 license once. The license is then stored on the USB e-licesnser permanently.
It doesn’t need to be re-licensed on re-install.
It may come up with the “Register” dialog on Cubase startup. If that is the case, just click “Already Registered”.

Can you explain further what you mean by that?
What does the e-licenser control center say?
What icon is displayed next to your Cubase 6.5 license?