Problems using Cubase Essential 5 with a Tascam FW-1884

I just bought a Tascam FW-1884 Control surface/mixer and Cubase Essential 5. I had them talking fairly well, but something has happened and it is not working so good now. At first Cubase would control the FW-1884’s motorized sliders and record 1 channel of audio that I could play back through my monitors. Things were looking promising- I just needed to get the remaining 7 channels to work like that. Now I can record one channel of audio, but it won’t play back through my monitors, Cubase sliders don’t control the board sliders, and a press of the record button on the board is not registered in Cubase. It is almost like Cubase is ignoring the board, like I have a license violation or something. I looked at my e-licenser for Cubase and it says I have the full license. I don’t get it. Anybody familiar with setting up a Tascam unit using Cubase?

I use Tascam FW 1082 which is similar. I’m not at cubase at the moment but have you looked in Device Setup. In Mackie control make sure that the FW 1884 Control is selected. In audio make sure the 1884 is selected. On the Tascam control panel select Cubase SX/Nuendo. I’ll have a look at my Cubase setup when I get the chance, mine is working fine. By the way have you installed the latest drivers? There are some recent ones out for windows 7 - the last set of drivers they are releasing I think.

Is the Tascam ASIO driver selected?

I also have the FW-1082 which is the 1884’s little brother but the setup is the same.
Here’s how I have mine set up, with a little variation to SteveMet’s pointers.

I’m guessing you may have accidentally pressed a non-pertinent button on the FW unit itself. It’s easy to do and has happened to me before. This is more likely if your setup was working before. Check this first to maybe save time.

On the FW, on the right side right over the jog wheel, make sure you have “BOTH” selected in the monitor section if you want to monitor your input signal AND Cubase from your computer.

Above that, select the “Computer” button to read Cubase’s mixing board. (“midi through” or “mon mix” won’t read Cubase)

If that’s not the problem, check this:

In Devices/Device setup/Mackie Control - For midi input select “All Midi Inputs”. For midi output, select “FW 1884 Control.”

In VST Audio System - Select “ASIO FW-1884”

In the FW control panel, I have “Mackie Control Emulation” selected under Control Protocol. This has worked for me for years.

Just another note: If you do not have W7 OS, do “not” load the latest driver as it is formulated for W7 and has complications for some with the FW series. Instead, make sure you load the second to latest, version 1.70.

Good luck and let us know.