problems using cubase with mixing desk

My cubase doesn’t play through my mixing desk. Sound comes out through the computer even when the mixing desk is plugged in to the usb. Other software on the computer plays through the mixing desk. Any suggestions about why this may be happening and how to rectify the problem? Cheers.

Are you using the correct ASIO driver in Cubase? (look in “device setup”)

Thanks a lot 4 the suggestions. I looked in device set up and there was a choice of 2 ASIO drivers, i tried the other one and it wouldn’t even play out of the computer. Cheers tho.

If you have another sound card (on the computer) you need to tell the computer that you want to use your mixing desk as the PRIMARY SOUND DEVICE. You don’t say, but Windows?

Once you have the computer going to your mixer - and you choose the ASIO drive made for the mixer, you should be good.

FWIW, on my PC, I have ‘uninstalled’ the PC sound device. My external mixer, (speakers are plugged into it only), is the only sound device I have. If you are recording with your computer, it works better this way. Good luck.

It would help to mention what the mixing desk is and what OS!