problems using EZ drummer in Cubase LE4

hiya as the title suggests my problem is when i open EZ drummer select a beat to loop then open EZ drummers mixer select multi channel only the kick drum is playing why? a friend thinks there maybe somthing mising from my version of cubase, any tips/hints would be greatly appreciated? thanks

LE4 only supports a single stereo out of a VSTi.

ahh thats why then! thanx :smiley: is there anything that i can download to make it better or should i just get a newer version?

The version needs to have the VST Instrument Rack to use multi-out instruments, FYI.

cheers dood, know what i should get instead? :smiley:

cheers but a BIT too much for me :-p are there any extension packs that i could use instead?

Sammy: Your friend ( and Mashedmitten are right) you need the VST Instrument Rack
that’s in Cubase 6 “Awesome Software”

But here’s a tip I did until I got Cubase 6 to put all
the drums on there own tracks. ( note this is time consuming though)

Solo a drum track and export back into your Project one Drum at a time, making sure

  1. Mono export
  2. pool
  3. Audio Export - are all checked

Works for me :wink:

Jack :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

PS: Sammy in ToonTracks SUPERIOR DRUMMER 2.0 there’s a “Bounce” feature
that does the above all at once. Not sure if EZ DRUMMER does this.
You might want to check this out.

cheers guys, i got cubase 6 essentials so i’m good, but ta for the help! :smiley: