Problems using iLectric Piano

I’m trying to route a Midi track to iLectric Piano but I’m not getting reliable results. Either I get no audio at all or it’s interrupted with pops and clicks. Using an Ipod 2. Any suggestions?

Hi Ronsaari,

Thanks for your message.

From what I’ve read on the IK Multimedia website iLelectric Piano supports both Audiobus and IAA support.

Please check both options to find out which way works better to establish a connection between the instrument and Cubasis and send our friends from IK Multimedia a note asking them for setting tips to share to save CPU power when using iLlectric.

Given the fact an iPad 2 is a slower device compared to others, CPU resources are limited.
Try to be economical as possible in terms of instruments, effects etc. and make use of Cubasis’ freeze function where feasible.

Hope that helps,