Problems using MIDI-sending VSTs ??

is there a compatibility problem in C7 ?
I wanted to check out this free VST MIDI-Arp
The VST sends MIDI-out. I opened an instruments and selected MIDI-in from this plug-in but I get no response.
Infact ALL those free VSTs do not work - or do I oversee something? Midi-in and midi-out thats all I need to check,right?

Seems to me that midi out from a plugin is for some reason a bit problematic. (Perhaps the VST standard is a bit fuzzy on this topic.)

Some plugins work and others don’t and I suspect that depends on the DAW the developer is using him/her-self.

There’s nothing other then the midi in/out on a midi track to do. A the plugin should show up in the midi input list and you need to have the input monitoring on for the midi track.

OK, the support just wrote me that 32bit Midi VSTis are not fully supported on 64bit Cubase.
Interestingly it works perfectly using the :smiley:
Sad that Steinberg does not provide a wrapper this neat by itself.

Late reply but anyways: For me 32 bit plug-ins sending midi out has worked fine and the 64 bit version was giving me problems. Haven’t tried if this has changed now with Cubase 8 Pro.