Problems verifying eLicense when upgrading from Cubase 8 to 12

I have been a Cubase 8 user for many years and recently purchased an upgrade to Cubase 12. The installation and activation went smoothly, however I’m having difficulty with the license verification.
When I open the eLicenser Control Center, I’m told that “Currently, there is no license available which can be upgraded by your upgrade license”.
Steinberg is sending me emails telling me my Cubase 12 will stop working in 3 days if I can’t verify, and I have deadlines for projects I need to uphold.
Please can someone help me understand how to verify my license.
Thank you!

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Are you sure you bought the correct update, please? Which one did you choose?


I chose the “Cubase Artist 12 Update from 10.5 or older”

I’m wondering, do you think it matters that I originally bought Cubase 8 under an educational license? I was a student at the time.


I see. You cannot downgrade your license. You try to get Cubase Artist, but you are Cubase Pro user already, so you try to go down (in the edition). You have to base Cubase Pro 12 update.

No, this doesn’t matter. The updates/upgrades are the same for the EDU and the retail licenses.

ahhhh I see. in that case, since I have already purchased the Cubase Artist 12, is it possible to upgrade again to Pro?


Unfortunately this is not possible, because you don’t own Cubase Artist 12 license (because you cannot activate). Get in contact with the seller (AskNet, if you bought it via Steinberg online shop) to refund and by the correct update, please.

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Ok, thank you for your response :slight_smile:

Hello again!

I was able to refund my purchase and get the Cubase 12 Pro upgrade. I’ve since downloaded, installed, and activated (or so i thought) Cubase 12. Everything was working smoothly, but now I got a message saying that my “Activation is Pending” and will expire in 4 days!

I looked up what to do and followed the steps. I have an eLicense on USB from my previous version, which I updated to 12. In the eLIcenser Control Center it appears updated (please see photo). So I don’t know how else I can update it.

Again, I have deadlines and the fact that my cubase is continually a ticking time bomb is causing a great deal of stress. Please if you could help me once more I’d be very grateful.

Thank you!


This is users forum. I would recommend you to get in contact with the official Steinberg support.