problems when deleting a track

Anybody experiencing issues, crashes and errors when deleting a track in busy projects?
I have everyday random crashes after deleting tracks (midi, audio, instruments etc).
Of course it doesn’t happen always but quite often.

I think this is related to the new mix console that to me brought only problems rather than benefits.

Aloha g,

All is well here.
2 crashes since installing C7.5 and both while dealing
with 32 bit plugs using a ‘bridge’. (SampleTank)

Mix Console works fine with no ‘real’ probs. Lil annoyances yes.

C7.5.20 is rock solid.

Hope you get it sorted.

Good Luck!

I had the problem in both V6.5.4 and in 7.x
In my case i think it was a driver issue with the Tools For MR being installed as 32 and 64bit.
I have since then moved to a new computer and a fresh os / driver / Cubase install and the problems stopped.
But have look at your sound device and/or any DSP device, and make sure the drivers and tools are the latest., and the right ones.